I have several hobbies. This page probably needs some more contents to make it more fun...


I love to run. It empties my mind and keeps me fit (or at least, I hope so).  You can find me on Strava.

I used to play ultimate frisbee (with Flying High (Tilburg) and Gronical Dizziness (Groningen)), but that's a while ago now.

I have an advanced open water certificate to go diving.

Ham radio

ZS6MMV is my call sign (previously I used PD0MVZ). I like making connections (voice, SSB) with people all over the world. Most of the time, I try to do this using HF, but recently I've been playing a little bit with DMR as well. I've used Echolink a few times.


I like playing board and card games. I'll see if I can put a list of the games we have on here some day. I've also tried playing some D&D, but I'm not very experienced.


I love listening to music. The types of music I like is very varied.  I'll see if I can provide a list of artists I like some day, but what I listen to often depends on my mood.

I also play the piano and guitar. Recently, I bought a ukulele which is also fun to play.